Shop Smart Supermarket Tours

Many products in the grocery store can be very misleading. A registered dietitian will take you and your group on one hour trip through your local supermarket, showing you how to read food labels, and navigate through the aisles. We will cover topics such as reading food labels and understanding ingredients, how to shop smart on a budget, how choose produce, meats, and fish, and other basic nutrition information. You may schedule an individualized tour or group tour-no more than 10 per group.

Eat Right Personalized Tour (limited 1-2 people, 1 hour)

During this 1 hour tour you will learn how to read food labels, pick the right produce, meats, and fish, understand ingredients, shop smart on a budget, and much more.

Eat Right Group Tour (limited to 6 people, 1 Hour)

Shop for Low Sodium Tour (limited 1-2 people)

The Shop for Low Sodium Supermarket Tour is specifically designed for those dealing with high blood pressure, heart conditions, kidney problems, and meniere's disease.

Gluten Free Supermarket Tour (Limited 1-3 people)

The Gluten Free Supermarket Tour is specically designed for those dealing with celiac disease, gluten intolerance, and parents of autistic children (gluten/casein free).