Family Nutrition Services

We often want to blame our school system for our bad eating habits, but odds are many of these habits were attributed to those that we learned in our childhood home. Do you want to get the family excited about eating better and living a healthier lifestyle? The family nutrition package provides a positive and fun approach to eating healthy. Do you want to get back to eating dinner as a family? Eating dinner as a family not only encourages your children to make better food choices, but some research suggest that eating dinner together may reduce drug use by teens. Have a registered dietitian come straight to your home, assess the current situation through an initial nutrition assessment and develop a nutrition plan that will benefit the whole family. Following the nutrition assessment, there will be a Kitchen Clean Up; let’s get rid of all those products that are harmful to our health. The family will also learn to store foods properly, and together we will cook a quick and healthily meal that the whole family will love.

Whole Family Nutrition Consult (3 hours)

The Whole Family Nutrition Consultation offers a special opportunity for your family to explore your health habits as a whole.  Your family is unique, and can take advantage of individualized support in bringing about changes in eating and lifestyle habits. 

  • Prior to your visit we ask that you complete a detailed questionnaire and return to us prior to your visit.  Using the questionnaire as a basis for discussion, your consultation is used to build a complete picture of your medical and family history, areas of imbalance, current diet, environment and lifestyle. 
  • Complete a 3-day food journal
  • Enjoy a 2 hour consultation to explore your families diet and health history, food preferences, and develop goals. 
  • The registered dietitian completes a custom food plan that will help you reach your goals. 
  • Enjoy a 2nd one hour follow up constulation to help integrate your new food plan into your daily lifestyle

Kitchen Clean-Up

Is your kitchen a disaster area which forces you to eat out all the time? Together we will "find your fridge" by tossing out the science projects and making room for wholesome foods; we will "pull out the pantry" items and find the healthy staples; and "pack up the kitchen tools" to make your kitchen feel like a cooks' dream!


Kitchen Clean-Up $175.00 (3 hours)