Adult Individual and Couples Services


At Back to Balance we believe it is never too late to develop good nutrition habits, especially as older adults. Take advantage of these amazing nutrition services and gain back the energy you once had as a child.

Diet Analysis (Offer 3 day or 1 to 3 week analysis packages)

Our registered dietitian will review your 3 day, 1 week, 2 week, or 3 week diet analysis and provide feed back to improve your nutrition habits and lifestyle. Services provided via email, skype, or telephone.


Adult Initial Nutrition Assessment (2 hrs) and 1 Follow-up Visit (30 min)

During the initial nutrition assessment a registered dietitian will develop an individualized eating plan that will suit your goals and needs.  We will review healthy food choices, meal planning, food label reading, eating out, and healthy cooking tips.  You will learn about portion sizes and how to balance foods in order to keep you satisfied. 


We encourage each client maintain a food journal (provided to you) or free access to (includes apps on iPhone© and Droid©) to track personal eating habits and progress. Upon your follow up visit the dietitian will review it with you and provide recommendations for optimal nutrition and weight loss.

Assessment can be accommodated in-person, Skype, or by Phone.

Adult Initial Nutrition Assessment and 1 follow up

Additional Follow-up Visit (30 min)

Assessment can be accommodated in-person, Skype, or by Phone.