Welcome to Back To Balance, Inc!

Back to Balance, Inc provides an innovative and personal approach to nutrition counseling. Our registered dietitian provides services for families, individuals (children and adults), and couples in the Northeast Florida community.

Our Philosophy

In an ideal world, school lunches would avoid having burgers, hot dogs, fries, and soda on the menu. At Back to Balance we teach and stress the importance of bringing nutrition back home in order to help our children make better food and drink choices, and learn to value the importance nutrition plays in our current and future health. At Back to Balance we also believe it is never too late to develop good nutrition habits.  We offer a wide range of nutrition services, including personal consultations, classes, and specialized supermarket tours for individuals and couples of all ages.  Whether you are dealing with weight management, nutrition therapy for diseases, or nutrition through the lifestyle, we have a service for you. Allow Back to Balance to work as your personal health coach today!


**Back to Balance, Inc is now taking insurance and health savings accounts. Contact us to learn more!!